Society and ICT

ICT-GROUP has always supported small associations and has done so for several reasons:
because it believes in the values of support for the weak and marginalized categories; in helping little-known realities that work with dedication and almost always in a self-sustaining regime for the common good; in the ability to verify and have clarity on the use made of the donations themselves.

In recent years, the support of ICT Group has been done silently, without proclamations, because we believe that this form of generosity should not slip into the risk, even marginal, of becoming a promotional, celebratory or self-referential activity.

Today we do it openly, with the hope that, in this context, example will be the only event to go viral. We are people who have proven to find opportunities for rebirth and creativity in moments of crisis with the ability to draw on unsuspected resources.

ICT has always been designing the future, realizing visionary ideas, making innovation real, looking for solutions where others see problems. Supporting those who, in this moment, find themselves even more fragile than they were before, is our concrete way of planning the future. This we have done so far and this we will continue to do from here on out.

We have chosen structures whose transparency and work we know and which invest donations only for the social purpose and statutory indicated.